Audi Q7 model year 2019

Audi Q7 2019 is not just a response to the German manufacturers. Brand-new flagship SUV the Audi rises to a new level, literally breaking into the upper echelons of luxury transportation. The car will be the basis of the new design language of the automaker for its future line of Q-products.

Audi Q7 model year 2019: pictures, videos, features and specifications

Stylish crossover

The new model from Audi Q7 2019 is very rounded, stylish luxury vehicle, even if it’s another hybrid “SUV-coupe”. Impressive technical characteristics, stylish interior and a huge number of additional options – all guaranteed Audi Q7 outputs to the leaders of the premium segment.


Audi Q7 2019 in the new body received a rich package bundle, which corresponds to the price. Looking at pictures, it becomes clear what actually pays the buyer.

The SUV received some modifications to the exterior, its weight was 325 kg lighter than the representative of the previous generation. Q7 is larger in dimensions than its predecessors, and is named for its Quattro all-wheel drive system.

Installed on the Q7, the 3.0-liter V6 “TFSI” turbocharged. Additionally, users can order a 4.2-litre turbodiesel V8 and a 6.0-litre V12 turbo-diesel “TDI”.

The standard set of bi-xenon headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels. In the premium configuration, the car is already with the 21-inch wheels. If the user wants to order a car of a different color, rather than the standard white or black, he will have to pay about $575-$3900.

Options available to order:

  • Sports steering wheel ($650 for 2018);
  • Tow package on the 3.0 T, can carry a trailer loaded up to 3.5 tons ($550);
  • Foot pegs ($1,200);
  • Rear/side-impact airbags ($350);
  • Dual-screen entertainment system for rear passengers ($150).


The cabin is a model of modern design, quality materials and insulation. When fully seated in the car can comfortably accommodate 7 passengers. If you talk about a comfortable journey, the average passenger seat is folded, resulting in two independent seats for passengers. Thus, the cabin becomes a 6 seater.

In the cabin installed leather seats, MMI computer with colour screen, powered changer and Bose sound system premium. Also, the developers have installed a panoramic sunroof, Keyless access system, Parking aid with rearview camera and Parking assist system.

The safety of the driver and passengers

Safety provides adjustable speed limiter and security system “Audi pre sense city”. At medium speeds, the computer warns the driver of possible collision with other vehicles or pedestrians and will initiate heavy braking in an emergency. If a collision is unavoidable, the computer activates the multicollision Break Assist system, controlled braking during a crash to help the driver. This can help prevent a vehicle from skidding and therefore extra collisions.

The option “Audi pre sense basic” initiates preventive measures for occupant protection in unstable driving conditions, such as tightening the belts of the front seats. Optional solutions are bundled into packages “Parking”, “city” and “the journey”. Package “Parking” includes the surround camera review and the system Parking assistance, which is Autonomous steers the car back into parallel and perpendicular Parking spaces. The driver only has to press the brake and gas.

Package “City” includes a new system. Help system with cross-traffic alerts the driver of other vehicles in slow reversing, for example, when leaving a perpendicular Parking space. Warning system about the alleged collision of signals approaching the rear of vehicles or cyclists before opening doors. “Audi side assist” uses radar measurements behind the car to ensure safe lane change.”Audi pre sense rear” increases the tension of belts in case of an impending collision from behind. Parking system plus and rear view camera complete the package “City”.


Highly unlikely, although analysts suggest that Audi may be planning a hybrid version of an SUV. Because the automaker is prioritizing the development of the aforementioned crossovers Q and e-tron, it is assumed that the hybrid version of the Q7 will be no earlier than 2021.

The car will come in three versions:

  • Premium;
  • Premium Plus;
  • Prestige.

Engine Q7 2019 will be the same as the previous model. We can expect the appearance of the eight-speed automatic gearbox and quattro AWD. Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will produce 252 HP.

Turbo version will come with a 3.0-liter V-6 engine. The declared characteristics – 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque, and although some rivals have more muscles, you will appreciate its strong, smooth movement at any speed. The manufacturer completely redesigned suspension, it has become more reliable.

Adaptive chassis package, available in Prestige version includes a pneumatic suspension and four-wheel steering. The user can request this option for an additional charge.


Audi has not announced which of their cars will receive the first Integrated payment module (Integrated Toll Module). Even if the Q7 2019 is in the list, it will be one of the few absolutely new expected functions. Among the usual bonuses, the user will receive leather upholstery with an eight-heated front seats, panoramic sunroof, reinforced door, front and rear obstacle detection and xenon headlights with led daytime running lights.

2019 Q7 Prestige again will rely on the Premium Plus will use a standard door closer, led headlamps, four-zone automatic climate control, ventilated front seats, rear sun visors side Windows, surround camera review, display and virtual cockpit.

Package “warm weather” ($1600) again adds to the Premium Plus ventilated front seats Prestige, sunshades for the rear Windows and tailgate and four-zone automatic climate control. Surcharge the buyer will be able to order front seats with massage function, 18-way power adjustment, leather-Valcona and Alcantara headliner, faux-suede.