Renault made its way into “premium” c huge monocab

On home motor show, Renault has brought the luxury drone is EZ-Ultimo. As planned by Renault, the transport, the hotels or the airline could provide its clients.

Of course, EZ-Ultimo while only a concept – it completes a trio of prototypes, developed by the French brand to showcase the future of urban transport. Recall that in March, Renault unveiled robomobile EZ-Gowhich is designed for car-sharing and taxis, and in September the French have unveiled a family of UAVs EZ-Pro to delivery. Show car EZ-Ultimo caters to a different audience – the clients of luxury hotels, resorts and airlines (service airports).

The length of the monocab is 5.7 meters, width is 2.2 meters. For comparison, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom , these figures are of 5.76 and 2 meters, respectively. In the cabin of the Renault EZ-Ultimo accessed via a wide automatic door at the right side. Inside, a sofa and a movable chair. The interior decoration used marble, leather and wood.

Renault EZ-Ultimo has polnopravnym chassis and only one electric motor is mounted on the front axle. The impact of the concept is not disclosed, no information is available about the reserve. Autopilot – fourth level out of five. That is, in some cases, may still require human involvement, which, apparently, the concept left the windshield and the display instead of the usual appliances.

As previously stated in the Renault, robomobile you plan to bring to market by 2022. However, the company did not specify which of the three presented concepts series EZ first reach of the conveyor.

By the way, at the Paris motor show, the brand has revealed yet another electric car – a concept hatch K-ZE, built on the basis of “state employee” Kwid. Trademark electric car will appear in the next year, the first will get Chinese. It is expected that the serial embodiment of the K-ZE will be one of the most affordable offerings on the market “green” models.