Serial Audi e-tron

In San Francisco, the world premiere of commercial electric “SUV” Audi. Already announced prices for Europe and the United States.

The appearance of the electric crossover Audi e-tron is based on the eponymous concept, which debuted three years ago. Serial ” SUV ” is built on the MLB Evo platform with a front double-lever suspension and rear multi-link, which also underlies, for example, Audi Q8. E-tron length is 4091 mm (98 mm less than Q8), width is 1935 mm (-60 mm compared to the “eight”), height – 1616 mm (-89 mm), wheelbase – 2928 mm (-67 mm). However, the Audi electrocross is still larger than the “green” Mercedes-Benz EPC (4761/1884/1624 mm, wheelbase – 2873 mm) presented a couple of weeks ago. The drag coefficient of the e-tron – 0,28 0,34 vs Audi Q8 (Mercedes, this figure is not yet revealed).

The interior is designed in the style of other recent models of the brand – digital “tidy”, two touchscreen in the centre console. Of the features-the transmission selector (it has a movable switch on the end, under the thumb) and led strip located on the front panel – is a charging indicator. The minimum volume of the e-tron trunk – 605 liters (EQS – 500 liters), plus another compartment is under the hood, like the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X.

As an option for the Audi e – tron will offer cameras instead of exterior mirrors-in this case, the cabin will have two more touch screen, they are neatly inscribed in the door trim. There are three modes for cameras: highway, turn and Parking, they can be controlled via multimedia system MMI. However, video mirrors will be available only in those countries where they are allowed, and at the moment they are legalized only in Japan. By the way, Audi is positioning its cross as the world’s first production model with virtual mirrors, but Lexus does not agree with this statement: the es sedan of the new generation also received cameras instead of mirrors (option) – in Japan, such a “four-door” should appear at the end of October, while the exact date of the start of e-tron sales has not yet been announced.

Audi crossover is presented only in the version e-tron 55 quattro. In this modification, “jeep” is equipped with two asynchronous motors (one on each axis), their total power – 408 HP and 660 Nm. However, the peak power of the electric car gives no more than a minute, then the power drops to the nominal 360 HP and 561 Nm. When driving at medium speed, the motor is located on the rear axle-this is done to save energy.

At peak efficiency, the first “hundred” crossovers gaining momentum in less than six seconds-the exact figure of Audi does not accelerate, but it is known that up to 97 km/h electric car accelerates in 5.5 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 200 km / h. the Mercedes-Benz EPC is also offered with two motors as well as 408 HP, the maximum torque of the Mercedes is 765 Nm and up to 100 km/h in the EQC accelerates in 5.1 seconds.

Audi e-tron is equipped with a lithium – ion battery capacity of 95 kWh (EQC – 80 kWh), it is located under the floor of the cabin, its weight-700 charge up to 80% of the fast terminal will take about half an hour. The stated power reserve is about 400 km methodology WLTP (EQC – 450 km, but Mercedes somehow considered outdated NEDC cycle)

Another e-tron received a pneumatic suspension, changing the ground clearance in the range of 76 mm: in offroad mode, the body rises by 35 mm, and if the cross is stuck, then for a short time by 15 mm; when driving at a speed of more than 120 km/h, the body, on the contrary, falls by 26 mm.also in the Arsenal of new items are: a special energy recovery system that provides up to 30% of the power reserve, a system for selecting driving modes, an adaptive cruise control, an assistance system for reversing.

Production of electricross has already started, it produced in Belgium. To European dealers Audi e-tron will get by the end of this year, in the States of electric car will appear in Germany, the price of new items begins with 79 900 euros (about 6 321 000 rubles at the current rate), in the US the model will cost at least 74 800 dollars (about 5 062 000 rubles). Crossover plan to put in the Russian Federation – on the official Russian website Audi is already possible to leave the application, but neither the price nor the timing of the start of “live” sales is not yet specified.

Note, Audi has become the second European premium brand, offering customers an electric car. The first was the Jaguar with its I-Pace (price in Germany – from 77 850 euros or 6 160 000 rubles), Mercedes will launch a series of EQC next year, and the electric car from BMW-iX3-and all will see the light only in 2020.