The new crossover Toyota RAV4, we’ll get to later all

Length 4595 mm (-10), width — 1855 (+10), height — 1699 (-16) wheelbase — 2690 (+30). Ground clearance is increased by 13 mm (up to 200). The rigidity of the body torsion has increased by 57%.

In new York, presented the fifth generation Toyota RAV4 crossover. It will enter the US market at the end of 2018, reach Europe in the first quarter of 2019, and the Russians will have to wait longer, because the new Rafik will stand on the conveyor in St. Petersburg. To do this, you need to reconfigure production and adapt the model to our conditions. As predicted, the RAV4 received a design in the style of the Toyota FT-AC concept, the new TNGA K platform and the advanced Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 safety complex.

When painting a two-tone black roof combined with four colors of the body. Perhaps a monochrome design with bright accents. In the top from now on are not 18-and 19-inch wheels.

Turbomotors did not appear. In the US, the SUV will be, as before, only available with a gasoline “four” 2.5 (power is not named) and a hybrid, in which the same engine is paired with an improved electric motor. Six-speed “automatic” gave way to the eight-band, dual RAV4 is satisfied with the variator. In other markets, including ours, the crossover will keep the two-liter unit and the mechanical box. On the 2.2 turbodiesel can’t hear anything.

The interior architecture has changed beyond recognition. New almost everything. The Entune 3.0 media center is available with a seven-or eight-inch display. The number of USB ports up to five. Option – premium JBL music with 11 speakers.

All-wheel drive is thoroughly reworked. Added dynamic Torque Vectoring traction vectoring, which shifts back 50% of torque and distributes it between left or right wheels with its own clutches for better handling. Or it turns off the rear axle for the sake of efficiency. When driving on snow, mud, sand or rocks, the Multi-Terrain Select system helps. In General, the Toyota RAV4 crossover now looks more virile, and they must behave accordingly.

The Story Of Alexei Smirnov, Nikita Gudkov

In 1994, the appearance of this baby made a splash! Toyota’s bosses just wanted to make a youth car for outdoor activities (hence the abbreviation — RAV4: Recreational Active Vehicle, “Quartet” pointed to a permanent four-wheel drive), which used the platform all-wheel drive coupe Celica, and in fact created a car class, interest in which is not fading so far.

The pioneer class of compact crossovers lasted in the production line until 2000.

Initially, the RAV4 was produced in a three-door body, but after a year and a half after the debut of a five-door modification. The only two-liter petrol “atmosfernik” depending on the degree of boost developed 128, 135 or 178 HP transmissions were two: five-speed “mechanics” and four-band “automatic”. Drive: permanent full or front.

Grown RAV4 second generation added in size and comfort, but the ideology of the car remained the same: crossover for outdoor activities with a three – or five-door body, front or four-wheel drive. Engines at first there were two. Petrol Quartet 1.6 (100 HP) relied trehdverka basic and more advanced versions packaged with a new two-liter “aspirated” with the mechanism of variable valve timing producing 150 HP.

Appeared under the hood “ravika” and turbodiesel (113 HP), and the most powerful engine 2.4 (163 HP) with crossover sedan Camry shared in 2004. The second generation was produced for just five years.

In 2005, saw the light of the third generation RAV4, built on a completely new platform. Crossover lost three-door versions and permanent all-wheel drive, but was produced with the usual wheelbase and with extended to 2660 mm. Connecting the rear wheels was in charge of the multi-disc clutch. And in General it was a RAV4. Larger body demanded powerful engines. So, the former has a new turbo diesel unit D-4D 136 impact forces.

 At the top of the range settled crossover with V-shaped ” six ” 3.5 power 270 HP so motley line of engines and meant a wide range of gearboxes: there were six types!

The fourth generation crossovers, which appeared in 2012, had only one body size and were produced in Japan, Canada, China and Russia. The engine range has disappeared the V6 engines only row “four”. In the spring of 2015, the RAV4 has undergone restyling (photo bottom right). The main acquisition was a hybrid version.